There is something very sad about ending a tour. I am really going to miss these interns and Mark. The statement is so true about iron sharpening iron. One of the greatest blessings to me this past year has been the time over flights and dinners I have spent with Mark. Mark has encouraged me in my marriage, my personal finance, my education, my reading, my appreciation for art, and many hard laughs. The Believe team left early today and I fly out tomorrow at 11:00 from Springfield. Kevin Greer will be going with Mark and I on this last trip. Big Daddy Shaf is picking us up at the airport, so it should be a great time. Things are starting to pick up around the office here in anticipation for the summer. It is time to say goodbye to the Believe tour for now; but my heart is already swarmed with details for next year. Yesterday at ball (our regular Wednesday meeting) Randy Shivers played with us. Randy has a daughter attending Ozark so he was visiting her. Randy has taken students to Believe in Cincy for years and always has a critical viewpoint to offer. It was encouraging to talk with him about the direction of the program and just feel from a veteran a sense that I am not alone on a island with Believe. Not only am I surrounded by guys like Mark daily engaging my mind and heart; but there is a consortium of student leaders across this country that poor into my email and voicemail their direction, ideas, critics, affirmation, and when needed rebuke. God disciplines the son he loves. God also delights in giving good gifts. In my life, I see this most clearly through the community of the Church. I feel God’s leading and provision through sharing my faith walk with brothers. I envision myself in the cleft of God’s hand through this network of jr high ministers who share the vision of the Believe weekend experience. I spent much of my life growing up in Colorado; but Indiana will always be home. It will be good to end this tour at home. I am drawn back to last year’s Indiana event and saying goodbye to my good friend Jeffrey Dean who spoke last year and now Mark will be going on Sabbatical to Prague. Thank you God for Mark; and his influence on my life. Thank you for the web you have surrounded me with in this office and out. May your Spirit continue to soften my heart to You. May I always submit when the words are from You. May I have the wisdom to reject the words that are not from you. Let’s do this!

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