It is good to be home. I came in my office to find all my gear from the Believe tour stacked on my desk. It is my first day in the office in what felt like two weeks. I was all stoked about getting some important emails out (that is such an exact indicator of efficiency right! Ha!) As I was trying to pull my guitar cases down I actually pulled or slipped a rib in my back out of place. Now this is where my caring network of peer professionals come to prefect their sport like role of jabbing. Sometimes it really is like jr high around here! Ha! I had a great time at the NNYM Executive meeting. We had some great times of worship together and it was cool to connect with some old and new friends. I do feel bad for one thing. (Bad is a strong word.) Clearly the whole myspace movement came up. It seems as though myspace is the new “mall” of America. I have recently become quite addicted. Like I have said so many times before, I am a community junkie. I recharge in relationships and keeping in touch with people I love. Myspace for me is not work, nor play but an expression of Church to me. I am in fellowship with the body in order to encourage, edify . . . you get the point. Well, one guy I have a tremendous amount of respect (and I just like him) is Greg Stier. I never actually get an opportunity to hang out with Greg; but when I do two things always happen. First, I am challenge and encouraged by his zeal for witnessing. Greg exudes this. The second this is that I laugh. I laugh hard. I laugh so hard that later when I am just thinking about what happened before I laugh. Well a few weeks ago I was on line and came across Greg’s myspace account. I linked up with who I thought was Greg and checked out his profile. (come to find out this was a Greg impersonator) I was under the impression that he was just getting in the myspace world to have his name saved but had not had not yet become a Yoda of design (nice terminology Chad). So I poked fun of it to Greg a bit. (Of course being a product of the guys I work around, One can go from mentioning something to a sixth grade onslaught of the ultimate joke drag out. Needless to say, Greg’s real blog is this http://www.gregstier.org/rants/with-fear-and-trepidation actually, that is Greg’s opening blog. I really like how he started his blog out. I would echo much if not all of that, except that I would add Bon Jovi to the list of Cold Play and U2 . . . that is just me. Hey Greg, I love you man and I appreciate so much the awesome ministry of http://www.dare2share.org/
See you on myspace . . . join us! 

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