Practice Day 2 / difference between last year and this

This is actually the hardest time of the year for me because I am at the most critical point for the three hats I wear professionally (my most important hats are: child of the king, husband & father). Although Believe is over we have many things to do to get the program “on track” for the fall. The rest of our support staff is slammed with our high school event (Summer conference) coming up. I am busy preparing for my own role in summer conference and also as a worship leader at the event itself. This is a crazy time. I missed an important meeting today to go over main session grids that I will now have to fit in with Nate Karnes (the summer conf point program man) ASAP. I am not discouraged though because I know that as soon as we all load up to head for GA in a few weeks it is going to be a blast. The summer is very hard work and I’m a bit more on my tippy toes in dealing with issues due to the nature of conference’s intensity; but there are a lot of good hang times built into the week as well. I counted up the number of days that I would be gone this summer in a row: 68. Fortunately Jen & the boys are with me on a bulk of that so it will be a cool summer for our family. It is always weird coming back home at the end of the summer and joining civilian life again. I must say that Sara, Yanee, Jon and Chase have all been very studious of my learning habits. They have gone out of their way to move projects ahead and take initiative on many levels. It is cool seeing them all grow. There are so many things happening right now that last summer was dependent upon me. I had photoshop open on my laptop for about two months straight last summer. I had other FR events to deal with. Those are two of the largest things on my plate last year at this time. They are not even on my plate now. Jennet’s is the new graphics team member on staff and let’s just say she is nailing it and FR has a focused CIY only schedule this summer. It is busy. We are working more efficiently as a team now than we were this time last year. After saying all of that about being busy getting ready for conference I will tell you not to forget to check out today’s practice video. Jon is just fast at what he does! Peace

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Sean said...

looks like you guys are having way too much fun. looking forward to tues bro!