Laurel Falls TN

Today was our annual hike to Laurel Falls with Foundation Red. It has become a special event for us every summer when at Milligan CIY conference. Last year Martin and Yanee were baptized in the pool below the cascading water. Our friends, Traveling Mercies, were also with us then. Since then God has called Chris and Rachel to South Africa. Chad has a new Ministry in Georgia. Sam and Patrick have joined us at CIY on staff. This year Martin is in Colorado leading worship Nate Karnes. I remember when Andy Bales was with us and climbed up the falls to jump off. I remember Gideon climbing all the way to the top and picking his way back down through the woods to the bottom. I miss the people who have walked this road with me in the past. It’s hard to say goodbye to them here on earth. I find comfort in knowing they are still faithful to Jesus and loving people. The hike is 3 miles up and 3 miles down. The terrain is rough. It is beautiful. For a section of the trail we are actually on the Appalachian Trail; but in my mind I am remembering, laughing, and thanking God for the people I have shared that path with.
I love the people I play music with. As we walked today our conversation was naturally drawn to the Lord and His creation. As we walked we discussed Gods’ creativity, His Grace and His Mystery (since that is our theme this summer at conf). Jen was six months pregnant last year with Finnley. Today he was in the backpack carrier . . . Heavy. Eleven years ago this summer I was a Bible College Representative from CBC helping out at this conference. Robin Sigars was directing and Jen and I had just been engaged. Today I took my three boys and wife on a 4 hour hike and was reminded of how our God is so faithful.

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Sean said...

incredible story and legacy Johnny...very cool!