More than you know

One of my favorite features of Summer conference this year has been our rip off of NBC’s “The More You Know” snippets. I am sure you have seen these commercials usually aimed towards teens and positive choices. They usually have a celebrity telling students to read more. Our staff put together about 30 of these for students and leaders all dealing with issues relevant to youth ministry. They are funny. Click on the link below to see! Now I have to tell you that some of them are wrong. You can decide if we crossed over the line or not!
This week I am in east TN this week with 900 students starting the first full day of summer conference. Tonight went great. We have a set chock full of new tunes to the band so my head is buzzing with arrangements, chords, and lyrics. Oh yeah, and just for extra fun this week it looks like Aiden has chicken pox which isn’t that big of a deal because he had the shot. So he will most likely get a small case of the pox. What I fear is that Finnley, who has not been vaccinated, will get a bad case. Bummer timing!


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