Tony Anderson's impression of Jayson French . . . priceless

Jayson French is the team leader for all of us who work in the conference wing at CIY. Like any fearless leader whose people love him, he is constantly made fun of. (It really isn’t laughing at because he laughs with us in good fun.) This poking and jabbing is the true love language of our staff so it is interpreted as the highest honor . . . most of the time! Ha!) Our summers can be difficult because we go for about two months without seeing each other. If you have spent anytime in our office then you know how intense and fun it can be to work with Jayson French. Tony Anderson is a regular around the CIY office and has had many mentoring moments spent with Mr. French. To help us not forget the long fall office days (that I here about from other people) Tony performed his scary close impersonation of French at TN 4 and I captured it. Enjoy! Jayson we love you and really, it is kind of like this! Ha!

Click on the link to see the video page!

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saved by grace said...

Wow. That is hilarious. I just got back from TN6 conference last night, and it's amazing how Tony sounds exactly like Jayson! But, Tony has always been good at impersonations. Tony Anderson went to my church at Central Christian in Ocala, and this is definitely his best so far.