Goodbye Martin

Sad but happy day today. I have known it was coming for quite some time now. Our friend, co worker and fellow musician, Martin Bravenboer has resigned from the band today. This is sad for those of us who have had the privilege of serving with Martin for the past three years. We have so many fond memories. It seems like everything that was thrown Martin’s way he quickly mastered through prayer, dedication and teamwork. Martin and Yanee will be still be living near all of us as Marin has accepted the worship leader position at Christ Church of Oronogo which is where we all attend when at home. I am sure that Martin will be an incredible addition to their staff. This is one of those days in ministry that I live for. I have had many players come and go over the past 10 years of FR. When they leave to serve in a church it is very special. I am sad, proud, excited, scared (that we won’t find the right people to join us in Martin’s position). God is always faithful. Check out our goodbye video with Martin.

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