Happy NFL Kickoff Week . . . I'm for real . . . Happy NFLKW :)

I am a junkie. Last year it started with my first Fantasy Football League. This year I am in four leagues. It isn’t what you think. Although I do love the sport there is so much more for my new fascination with this facet of the game. It has to do with the fellowship, the banter between friends and the camaraderie I get to share with so many buddies I normally wouldn’t talk to that often. I know I asked lots of you to join a few leagues and then some of you I just hunted down and forced (like you Jeffrey and you Daren) but you will all thank me for itverry soon. Well, perhaps you will curse me when you start caring about things like if the Cardinals win or not.

It is kind of like eating with a person. When you share a meal with someone and engage in real conversation that touches their life, something happens on a much deeper level. It is spiritual. Now I am not saying that FF is spiritual. (Although Denver Bronco Football can be) What I am saying is that, the interaction with me and some of the guys in my small group or some of my jr high worker buddies around the nation is special.

Did I just say special? . . . Perhaps I just hit close to the head of this subject! For guys this is about as sappy as we get. We don’t through baby showers. We don’t send Hallmark cards. We ask each other to be in a FF league. That is an olive branch. Man to man. In some cultures you might share a pint and sing a song. This is actually quite expressive for some of us. So from one man who has a controlled and comfortable hold on his masculinity I just want to say, “I love you guys, this is going to be the best year ever BFF!”
Ha! “Happy NFL Kick Off Week”

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