Jesus video . . . what do you think?

I am old school in many ways. I grew up going to conservative churches theologically; but the “feel” was so authentic. I don’t know what it is like to be “unchurched”. For me that would be to take away my literal family. Because of this my view of Jesus the person may have been just as warped as any unchurched person. Now I know that none of my Sunday school teachers purposefully misled me in my perception of Jesus. It just happens. We say things to kids about “baby” Jesus.

I really think that my theology over the past 10 years has been recovering to find a BIGGER Jesus. For instance: my theology of Jesus is now big enough to picture him farting around the camp fire with the apostles. This is heresy folks! He was all God all human. We need to realize that we have taken away pieces of our King and that is wrong. It steals from his whole work. Come on! 13 guys out walking and camping. You know somebody was lighting up the gas bombs! And they had to laugh about it. This idea makes me love Jesus more. I want to identify with all his humanity. Because that means he really knows me. And that gives me hope because he did it perfect!!! He lived with a group of guys and never said anything or joked about anything immoral. That is hard. Jesus did it. No coarse joking! He did it. My Jesus is big enough to conquered that. For me not to then have a picture of him laughing so hard that tears are coming out of his eyes would negate his victory over the flesh. He had to have lived life to the fullest. He had to have laughed harder, loved more and NOT sinned for me to want to follow him. I submit that Jesus farted and they all laughed and it made those who followed him due so even unto death. He was real. He was God. He was Holy. He was human.

I say all of this to reintroduce some videos that are actually rather old. A church used these videos to address our misconceptions about Jesus. I think it is totally appropriate and hilarious. My wife doesn’t like them. She thinks they are wrong. We disagree. We discussed this as a staff today and had differing opinions on whether or not they inappropriately satire the character of Christ. Perhaps I am too liberal in my opinion here. I may be wrong. I just think that we are so off base at time in how we view and present Jesus that we need something this off the wall to snap us back to our senses. We don’t have a clue sometimes who Jesus really was. I am constantly being reminded about that by Jesus himself. I love that about him. If you haven’t seen these then please do watch!!!! Here is a link to my favorite. Check the rest on my Youtube account.

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Jeff Ulrich said...

I think he might of even snorted when he laughed. (snort, snort)