Okay, if you are a lost fan . . . and I am, then you HAVE to watch this video that got released today. It explains the numbers and tons of other stuff. They originally said that the "Lost Experience" would be completely different from the TV show if you didn't want to follow it. (The Lost experience has been an on-line mystery search for clues into the show). Well today was the first complete release of a secret video that you need to check out. I have it posted in my favorites here on my YouTube account. Go to the Favorites reel and click on the Hanso film. Awesome!!!



Mark said...

You are a nerd...loved, but still a nerd. Please re-read your last posting with a geek voice and insert a couple of snorts and breaks to push your glasses back up on your nose. Oh, and here's your Lost protractor and secret decoder ring!

Carol Ann said...

Our family is HUGE Lost fans. We entered this mass hysteria a bit late, though, so we're frantically catching up on the 2nd season so we're ready for the premiere of the 3rd season in Oct. We have a (x) days until LOST on our home bulletin board...I know, it's a sick thing. Great hobby/addiction! :-)

I will reserve watching this video until we're done with the 2nd season in case it offers tmi! Right now Claire just remembered what happened to her...what's up with that, and Ethan, creepy!