yesterday . . two extremes

In 22 days we will be in Nashville TN for the first Believe event of the tour. Wednesday’s are always fun because of the two worlds I get to live in. I was visually reminded of this again last night as I downloaded the pictures from my digital camera for the day. I told Jen as I sat at the computer, “My life is really crazy sometimes. It is almost surreal to even me as I experience it first hand.”

You see, for this week and next our Believe Semi is unloaded and all the gear and program elements are set up downtown Joplin, MO at Memorial Hall. All of our interns are in town and preparing the details of the Believe experience. I snapped some pictures of some of the people as we set up the surprises we have in store. The screens are massive, the images are vivid and sticky so that they stay buried in the hearts of students. I can’t wait for all of the artists to join us this coming Monday for rehearsal week.

Then I drive out to Christ Church of Oronogo where I work with the jr high band on Wednesday nights. We are just getting this semester started and the students are awesome. We had a great share time before practice and the students are starting to take some ownership. I had someone take some pics of me and our band, “Artsniff and the Llamas”. Preston, our guitar player is working on a Web site for us. Our Jr High pastor, Matt, and some of us volunteers talked after the main session and shared all kinds of ideas and vision we want to implement over the next few weeks.

My continued participation on the local church level greatly impacts what happens on a larger scale at the Believe conference. Sometimes it just hits you harder when I sit back and look at these pictures sided by side. I really don’t think that Believe would be as ready as it is for this fall tour without me spending Wednesday’s with “Artsniff and the Amazing Llamas”. (We decided that you don’t always have to say “amazing” in the band name. Sometimes it is simply understood.)

Jr high students are neat. Play in wet cement. It makes a lasting impression.


hannah said...

hey johnny. i just found your blog. i went to believe for three years and i would probably have to say that i was definately your biggest fan. but anyway i just wanted to thank you for everything that you are doing


Mark said...

I do have to say that the picture with you and Marin in his new office is the best shot of your hair in a long time. I will most certainly take credit for closing the digital shutter on that one!

Mark said...

I must say that the picture with yourself and Martin in his new office is the best shot of your hair in a long time. I will most certainly take credit for closing the digital shutter on that one. Thank you.