exhibitor fued . . . ha!

Today was an awesome day hanging out at Youth Specialties in Austin. I love to check out all the exhibitors at these events. Seriously, if I ever did anything other than what I do now I would love to be a consultant for groups on how to exhibit. We had dinner tonight with the folks from “Hands on Originals” and devised gutsy and somewhat confrontational stunt for the next YS event. It deals with the marketing attempts of some exhibitors to get information from youth leaders. Many are giving away free I-pods if you “sign-up”. When I say many we have counted 23 different exhibitors. We are going to make shirts that say, “Want a free ipod? Buy it your self, we just do jr high events.” That should spark some good fun with the other exhibitors at the next convention. I actually had this idea last year and only talked about it. It’s time to implement! Check out the pics of our slamming booth and some friends. Dustin and Katie Kelm of the “Unishow” are pictured as well as jr high buddy Alan Mercer.

Tomorrow morning is Riley’s flag football game and it is the first one that I will miss this year. I’m bummed about that. I’m looking forward to getting back home tomorrow night to be with the family all day, do church and watch the Bronco Game!


Sara&Jon said...

you're a stud, Johnny.
the booth looks awesome! you're amazing at what you do. i'm so glad i get to be a partner in ministry with you. thanks for your sacrifice and dedication to jr high ministry.

Taylor said...

Hey man. Good to see your face! Will you be around at the YS in Charlotte?