YS in CA

I am in California today at a Youth Specialties Conference exhibiting for Believe.  It has been great to see youth leaders from all over the country who come to Believe conferences and see thier excitement about this year's tour.  Portland Believe is around coming up soon!  See you all there.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jonny, You probably don't know me, but i was needing to talk to you about believe. I am a YM in Salt Lake City, UT. I used to go to your belive stuff all the time when i lived in the mid-west. We should talk about having a believe confrience near or in Salt Lake. I put on this huge event called skifest every year. I this intrest you we can try to set up a booth promoting it or i can take a survey of how many YM would be interested in coming to believe. You already have my vote. Its the only confrience of this kind! We could use something like that out here.

If you are interested you can get ahold of my several different ways

office: 1.801.272.5256
cell: 1.801.971.4361
e-mail: cody@southeastchristianchurch.org