Stuck in the middle

I never know what other conventions or shows the Believe Tour could be next to from week to week at a venue.
We have shared convention space in the past with some funny, and scary groups. As we book space for Believe now we ask very pointed questions about who else will be in the convention center. We've had a transvestite convention above our floor. We've had beer festivals (these are usually very calm and polite people). One time we had a massage training seminar down the hall. They didn't exactly appreciate the rock and roll for Jesus :)

This weekend we were at the Gwinnet Center in Atlanta, GA. It is an awesome venue and we had 1300 jr high students attending. Our neighbors this week were quite dynamic. The Believe conference was held in the main convention center. Bill and Gloria Gaither (along with the largest collections of Prevost buses I've ever seen at once) played the arena. Our whole team was invited in by the rigging company (we new a guy) to look at their awesome set up. It was very impressive even if you don't like that style of music.

On the other side of us in the fine arts theater was the 80's rock band "Cinderella". Being a child of the 80's I was really wanting to sneak a quick peek. It didn't happen.

I remember going through that time when I was convicted at camp to through away all of my non-christian music. For me at that time it was necessary and beneficial.. Man is my iTunes bill expensive now! Ha! Buying back all of that old Bon Jovi :)

I wish I could have been in the parking lot to watch all three groups exit and mingle. I love those people watching exercises. Jen doesn't like it when I watch people . . .
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Anonymous said...

Hey Johnny!
Do you remember at the Cincinnati Believe - there was a cat show in the Duke Energy Center, too???? I don't remember if it was you or someone else, but I remember someone saying that they wanted to adopt dogs from the pound and set them loose in the Cat show area.....LOL

Abby said...


I went to the second Anderson Believe, and I LOVED it!! I was wondering if you guys re coming out a with a CD with the songs you guys sang this yer because I loved them all!!