sneak peek at the new Believe Promo

Hey all,
This just went to print today! It is the new Believe promo for 2007-2008 Tour season. You can check it out in a PDF format. This years speakers are: Kurt Johnston, Scott Rubin, Steve Carter, Justin Lookadoo, Nathan Head, and Jason Raitz. Special guests hanging on the Believe tour are Robin Sanders, Joby "the Village Idiot"; Painter Eric Timm, comedian Taylor Mason, Brent the stunt guy and artist Yancy Richmond.

You can get some info on this years theme, CONNECT, as well.

Believe 2007 - 2008 Promotional Material
Believe 2007 - 200...
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1 comment:

Matt Silver said...

Wow! The materials look awesome! Come back to PA or VA :)