Believe Team Van Wreck

It has been a crazy start to the Believe spring tour Travel . . .

In 40 years of Christ in Youth travel history we have never had a staff vehicle wreck. We were blessed yesterday to have no injuries as one of our 15 passenger vans rolled 50 miles west of Joplin Missouri. I was scheduled to fly out on Friday morning and meet the team in Anaheim for our second Believe stop this spring on the Speak Tour. I quickly met up with our team and am on the road with them now in somewhere west of Amarillo, TX.

Last weekend our speaker, and my good buddy, Jason Raitz’ house burnt to the ground the day before our Flagstaff AZ event. No one was injured severely in that situation either. Jason’s family was at the Church and his little brother, who was at the house at the time of the fire, was treated for minor burns and smoke inhalation. Jason tells the whole story and how the church has come around them during this storm in his blog.

Next week the Believe Team travels to Tulsa, OK and I’m somewhat anxious and nervously looking forward to a quiet normal Believe weekend.

On other fronts, may people have been emailing in asking about Foundation Red set lists for the current Believe Tour. Here is a link to a published set list for the Speak Tour.

2008 - 2009 Jr High Believe Speak Tour

Also, others have been asking about next year’s theme, Messiah Tour 2009 2010. The following is a published version of our artist and speaker theme working document. It will be morphing over the next few months as we continue to pray, evaluate and listen to comments from this spring tour.

Believe 2009 – 2010 Messiah Theme Document


elmisionero said...

Johnny, the link you posted for next year's theme doesn't seem to be working. Believe in Flagstaff was awesome, btw! Thanks for stepping up last minute to fill Jason's speaking part. Gotta love those unexpected jobs God gives us. Truly His grace is sufficient in our weakness when He puts us in those positions. I can testify that the Holy Spirit was working and speaking through you that weekend. Keep on keepin' on bro!

jimkastkeat said...


Next years theme looks fantastic. Do you ever come near Grand Rapids, MI? I'd love to connect more with you and your crew about this content and ideas.