Believe 2010 Messiah Tour Dates

It has been a long time since Believe was a Spring only loaded tour. i have been apart of nine tours and this will be my first ever all spring schedule. This past year's Speak Tour about Jeremiah was completely awesome and I'm looking forward to the next year. Here are the official dates set to be on the CIY Web site and our publicity in the weeks ahead. If you came here, you got'em first!

Spring 2010

January 29-30 - Anaheim, CA

February 5-6 - Tulsa, OK

February 12-13 - Cincinnati, OH

February 19-20 - Chicago, IL

February 26-27

March 5-6 - St Louis, MO

March 12-13 - Kissimmee, FL

March 19-20 - Arlington, TX

March 26-27

April 2-3 - EASTER

April 9-10 - Atlanta, GA

April 16-17/17-18 - Anderson, IN

April 23-24 - Holland, MI

April 30 - May1 - Portland, OR

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1 comment:

jimkastkeat said...

Holland, MI!

Johnny, I would love to cross paths with you next April and hear more about all the things you're doing.