The Moment

For me, the entire theme of Believe can usually be summed up in one picture from the event. These are always my favorite moments. No matter how many times I see it I am always touched in a new way. After programing faith based events for over 10 years I have never been involved with a moment so powerful every single time it happened. I have explained the whole story dramatically to people before and if any moment in time was one of those, 'you just had to be there' type of things- then this was definitely it!!! I've never been more excited or proud to be apart of such an awesome picture of God's love, and grace. This one moment will never leave the minds of those who experienced it together. 40 years from now I am confident that students will still have image on their hearts of Eric holding Brent the stunt Guy. Hopefully they will live in such a way that 'the moment' will describe the feel of their walk with Christ. Brent, Eric, Believe Staff . . . thanks for the great Speak Tour!

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