Great new Small Group resource for Jr high Students!

Brooklyn Lindsey has written an awesome new resource with Zondervan and Youth Specialties called Opposite Day that you have to check out! We might all poke fun at the old ‘Would you rather’ books today (why does familiarity breed contempt?) but the fact is that those resources worked GREAT to get kids talking AND STILL DO! That is why we all know what comes after, “Would you rather kick a puppy or . . . (if you don’t know what comes next then the answer is below). Of course everyone who has ever worked with Jr high boys knows that 8th grade boys will answer “Both!”. Brooklyn's new book is like a new and clever second generation Would you rather that will get your kids, and leaders, talking. Get it and check out Brooklyn’s other resource, “Confessions of not so supermodel”.

I met Brooklyn a few years ago at a Jr high youth worker meeting and was blown away at how many ideas she had. I was impressed not only with her Rolodex-Idea brain that didn’t stop but also her deep passion for kids, Jesus and injustice. I was so pumped to open up a copy in my mailbox of Opposite Day. When Brooklyn described her new project to a small group of jr high pastors at dinner we all had a great time batting the idea around. During our 4 day meeting the term opposite day became it’s own punch line several times. I knew then that this project had legs.

Believe invited Lindsay to come and check out our Florida event last spring. I knew that she would be a valuable source of ideas and would ultimately push us on some aspect of what we do. We had a great time and look forward to have her speak more into our intionality with jr high programing. Lindsay will be featured in our 2010 Messiah Tour publicity mailing next month in a powerful quote endorsing the Believe Tour. Here is what she had to say about Believe:

What impressed me most about the junior high believe tour was it's ability to do exactly what they claim to do, lead Jr. highers in worship and discipleship that makes sense to them. They keep things insanely creative, surprising, passionate, relevant, and totally Jr. high. I love that many of the worship leaders are junior high students themselves. They rocked. It's one of those affordable and accessible events that's a "must do". Clear away the clutter on your ministry calendar and make room for junior high believe, you won't be disappointed!

Opposite Day is another resource Believe will be carrying on the Messiah Tour as we ramp up our jr high intentional resources available online and at CIY events!

Answer: . . . .or make a child cry.”

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