2010 Messiah Set Lists

2010 Messiah Tour Set Lists Christmas DRAFT

Welcome to the planning process. EVERYONE has an opinion about worship :) and so we try to listen diligently. Foundation Red is the house band for the Jr High Believe Tour and we only do Jr high events. This year we have some new faces like Hetti Marie and Billy Brimblecom. You are going to LOVE them and your kids will see that they love the Messiah passionately.

Below is a draft of our sets for the tour. This is very dificult and every song has a purpose. If you want to see something on the list that is not there then let us know. IT'S NOT TO LATE. We have lots of goals in putting the set list together. It's nice to have keys that girls can sing in and Hetti will be leading many songs throughout the weekend. Hopefully your kids learn some new songs and have a ton of familiar tunes too. (that is the tough part)

New Songs to Believe

Rise And Sing Listen/Buy Here

Stronger Listen/Buy Here

Alive And Running Listen/Buy Here

Your Name High Listen/Buy Here

To Know Your Name (available on Itunes Australia only, sorry guys!)

How He Loves - David Crowder's recorded version. We will only do the chorus tagged onto another song. I feel like the words in the verses will drag and take to much explaining to do. I am not against really explaining a song. We will do that. We simply have to be choosy how many times we do it and on how many songs. Listen/Buy Here

Special Songs

Here I am to Worship - Moment Song Listen/Buy Here

Forever - This is the classic Tomlin tune your kids should know from 'big church' :) but our twist on it is a total hip hop feel. It will be a breath of fresh air stylistically from the standard anthemic Hillsong feel Listen/Buy Here

Carry over tunes from last year

Today is the day Listen/Buy Here

We won't be quiet Listen/Buy Here

Happy Day - we can bring songs like this back and do them at least once but are your kids SICK of it yet? Listen/Buy Here

I am Free - Yes this is an oldie but kids LIKE IT . . . right? It is also a very high energy song that just WORKS at getting kids involved. Listen/Buy Here

Sing Sing Sing Listen/Buy Here

From The Inside Out Listen/Buy Here

Hosanna Listen/Buy Here


zack said...

I really like this set you have chosen. Are you doing all of To Know Your Name? or just the big Chorus? I also really like Rise and Sing as well as Alive and Running. Can't wait to hear it all in St Louis!

hannah said...

Johnny--just got back from the tulsa event. It was our group's first experience at Believe... and WOW! it was great. We LOVED the music in particular.

I'm really sad that you can't get "to know your name" here! That was one of my favorites!