Believe Update: NEW Designs and giveaways!

One major value at Believe is our tradition in telling Bible stories. This year we will look at the life of Esther and ask kids what it is that they too can do NOW as kingdom workers. The best tool we can think of to get this job done is a Bible. We know that many of your kids have a few Bibles at home they can lay claim to. There is a marked difference when we couple the powerful shared experience at Believe with a Bible that feels like it was a special gift just for them. Here is the cover art work. Every attendee on the 2010 Now Tour will recieve a Believe ESV translation.

Here is a preview of two new Spring Believe Shirts we'll have on tour. Many things are coming together. Have any thoughts about the design? We are also wanting to do a Believe Veteran Vollunteer T that has a throw back feel. Any thoughts? Both of these T's will be available to Believe insiders on the new Believe webb site very soon!

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