Stuff I'm remembering . . . Again, about speaking

Remembering stuff . . . again -hanging with kids this summer

Concrete & Abstract- I'm trying to live in the middle here resisting the temptation to go with either extreme.  Jr highers are not incapable of abstract thoughts, they are newbies.  If they are beginning to  dabble in abstract thought I hope that they do so first in a healthy faith based environment (Church stuff yo!) .

Yes, it's old to you.  It's not old to them.  Don't do Other stuff that keeps you interested and loses them. 

Kids are afraid of being made fun of in large groups, one mistake can destroy many bridges .  . . Do other stuff

If it takes longer to explain the meaning of a song than to sing it . . . do Other stuff

Aside from the bible, stories from your personal experience connect better than .  .  . Other stuff 

Teach kids to pray, it's more important than . . . Other stuff

Being willing to & even looking for opportunities to laugh at myself,  helps create the attitude I want my fellow workers to share better than any . . . Other stuff

Churchy words can be redeemed.  Do the work to define them.
& don't assume they know simpler words!  Mine last week:  rebellious. Yep, if I hadn't defined it clearly from the beginning #wastedtime #thanksgirlincaf 

Kids are not important only when they show up, sometimes they have . . . Other stuff

Remembering names is more important than . . . Other stuff 

Don't belittle their problems, culture or pain or they will find . . . Other stuff

"It's Friday", as much as we make fun of it, is a great song this summer!  Have your band cover it.

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