I love 80’s rock. I know I am a worship guy and so I am supposed to be one of those stereotypical people that say things like, “music moves me”. Whatever man. The simple fact is that when I am driving to the office at 4:30 am Aerosmith really loud can be a worshipful experience. If I get made fun of for one thing more than any other it would be Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi is my favorite ever. People who don’t know my closest friends and see FR for the first time will make the joke. I guess somewhere along the way little nuances and inflection of Jon’s tone got soaked up into my soul (you can call him Jon when you are an official member of the fan club). I have never been to a Bon Jovi concert ironically. The only 80’s band (and they were more 70’s and 90’s than 80’s) was Areosmith. Jen got me tickets when we lived in Danville to see them at Deer Creek. I think we got in our worst argument ever that night. I don’t remember what it was about; but it happened in the parking lot after the show. All I do recall is that she looked very pretty that night. That was my favorite birthday present Jen ever got me. I saw them at Conseco field house with Greg Frazee and David Thurman once too. Both experiences for me were significant. I love Steven Tyler as a front man. The best part of the show was his harp solo. It was so gritty; but perfect at the same time. Jen hates loud music. I think she had a head ache. I would like to see Bon Jovi sometime. “Lay your hands on me” was the first song I recall waiting to come on the radio. I went through that period (and everyone should do such a cleanse) where I through out all of my secular music and listened only to Christian. It was sometime around my sophomore year in high school. It lasted almost all the way through my first year out of college. (Country music didn’t count because it has always been a part of the ebon flow of my life.) Over the past ten years I have collected back the best stuff. You know all those commercials like Monsters of rock. Yeah, I have every one of those. I also have the very best of Christi Lane thanks to Scott Ensminger. Ha! It was for the best anyway because I had more cassette tapes before. Today CD’s are even worthless. I download everything. It is weird how music from the past means little things now. Certain songs that I used to hate are now even fun to listen to because of the memories that they bring back. I used to ride to school with Brad Breedlove sometimes and he was a bit younger than me. He liked all of that (then) new Seattle stuff. It only reminded me that those were the guys who kicked all my favorite hair bands off the radio over night. Now I actually like Pearl Jam . . . a little. They do have some hard core “r” factor. I am blogging on our flight into Atlanta today. Perhaps this is my topic because I am listening to Poisen, Ride the Wind. I’m very tired. I should have slept on this flight like I promised myself I would do instead of talking shop with French. We are in the process of looking at starting a new jr high only summer program. I am all for it, we just have lots of do to launch 2 new sites in 2007 summer. Is it just me or is everyone reading the Di vinci Code right now. I was going to grab it up; but the recent craze has discouraged me. French has the last season of lost on his I-pod. (Yes he is still flaunting his new video ipod/ I only need two people still to get mine if you are reading this email me and I will send you the link) How can anybody be behind on this show. This must be the best writing I have seen in sometime. It is not just the writing on the show but the internet craze they have created in culture with hidden elements in every show. It is like the show has taken on a separate entertainment portion with jus the after show blogging. It is brilliant. They even have a fake website for the airline (www.oceanicairlines.com).

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