I hate it when there is not a new “Lost” on Wednesday nights. Savannah is a cool town. The last time I was in Savannah, Jen and I flew with Mom and Dad to Jimmy’s graduation at Paris Island. We spent more time in Hilton Head than in Savannah. This is going to be a really cool conference this summer. Last night, Jayson, Gill and I walked down to the river and ate at “Tubby’s” then made our way on tour of the different historical markers in Savannah. John Wesley started the Methodist church in Savannah around 1737. There are little square’s everywhere with park benches and Spanish moss hanging down. Our staff housing is right outside of one these squares. It is amazing to look up at the old trees that must have existed during the civil war. I think the boys are going to have a good time riding bikes around this summer on that square. I can see how this location could become a favorite to many groups in the years to come. It has a cool southern boardwalk feel to it. We were looking for a coffee house last night that French was “sure” was just a few blocks over. An hour later, after giving up on finding the establishment, we found this coffee house on our way back to the hotel. Of coarse Jayson knew it was, “the whole time”. It was one of the coolest coffee houses I have ever been in. With the school of art on campus the venue has a ton of culture. It is going to be hot; but fun. When we get back to the airport we are going to hang around for Matt Reagan to fly in. This week we are flying in 12 guys to help us brainstorm for next year’s theme direction. It is always fun to hang with youth ministers from around the country at the home office. I have been reading this book by Kerry Gleeson and a quote I haven not heard in awhile by Aristotle was at the beginning of a chapter. It reads, “We are what we repeatedly do, excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” Chapter 3 has encouraged people to log their time to see what they really do and not what they think they do. I am somewhat afraid to do this; but I know it will be helpful so here goes: I awake on a normal day at 7:00 ish by the sound of any of my three boys. I am out the door at 7:50 with Riley, & next door neighbor, Lexi for school. (I have usually already looked at email from home by this time) I arrive during our conf staff prayer time at about 8:10. (I try to make one phone call in the morning from the previous day’s contact list that I missed before getting out of my truck) This is a fellowship and connecting time that leads into a quick morning check up with Chase, Sara, and Yanee. I settle into my office (which rocks – but Hansen should let us paint the walls) at 8:30 and start with answering email and phone calls. I try to work through to 12:00 on major projects daily communication. (this is interrupted on Tuesday by the Director’s meeting/ Wednesday by all Conference meeting/ and there is usually one other monthly meeting once a week.) Afternoons are set aside for lunch appointments and off-sites to discuss large issues by themselves. I try to spend an hour late in the day reading jr high related material or other books that would have connection to my work at CIY. It seems like I have about 4 books to read right now for networking and roundtable meetings alone. Directly after lunch I spend at least a half an hour on myspace for about 40 minutes updating groups and discussions on Worship topics, themes for various programs. I have to reserve the rest of my day to argue with Jayson, Patrick, Nate, Kevin, Robin and anyone else who stops by. Jen says my blog is random.

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