So today is a meeting with 13 youth ministers to discuss the direction and theme for 2007 summer conf theme. It is great. Right now French is laying out His vision, our shared vision, of telling this army of 20,000 students to become kingdom workers. This is huge. Today is the first public unveiling of this vision. Twelve youth ministers from different regions are sitting here listening to this call for the first time. This is funny because, today I was planning on blogging about the unintentional random thought pattern of this daily posting. Yanee has been giving me junk about not being able to read my blog because it is on myspace and they are raunchy! So, for you Yanee, I am going to paste this on my blogspot address for Yanee and the anti myspace group. (I love you all and do not condone students surfing the net without constant adult supervision.) I do feel the need to laugh at some of my own buddies who use their daily posting to be some huge call or serious soap box. I just can’t vomit that stuff out everyday so I am sorry to disappoint you. It happens in my spirit by The Leading of the Holy Spirit in my daily grind. This just isn’t always the place where it gets let out. Sometimes it does. I guess it just depends upon what happens right before I start my five minutes Today has been quite profound, spiritually speaking, for the future of the Summer conference program. I really think that for almost 40 years all of these things have been happening; but now we have some new synergy and language to gather around. A master plan of creating Kindgom Workers over a 5 year layout could challenge students to a revolution. There was a lot of meat and I’ve understated it completely; but the process was invigorating because “iron sharpens iron”.

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