Jen is upset because she did not want to get hooked on “Lost”. To late for that too.. Then she did not want to get hooked on myspace . . . too late. She is quite funny that way. I was beginning to worry about her computer skills. Luckily she has never asked anyone, “do you have the internet on that computer.” I pretty much have an unspoken rule not to help people with computer problems that ask such questions. For those of you who are confused it is amazing you are even reading a blog right now. (Of coarse someone just printed it off for you.) The internet is not “on” any computers. It is a network . . . any way, I digress. I guess I am thinking about the importance of computer literacy because I have to pick up a book today called, “The world is flat”. From what I gather it is about globalization of economy, society etc. It should be a great read. It made me think of the tower of Babble yesterday. God scattered the people of the earth by confusing their languages. It is funny to me just how we have spent the last 6,000 years trying to fix that one problem. While we now can all speak ‘binary’ we still can’t come even close to understand the cultural contextually meanings that lie between us. This culture talk reminds me of the Believe staff. We have people who all know English but communicate on different levels. Jani is from South Africa and has such a different take than Sara who loves structure but desperately needs more than just one week at Disney (enjoy anyway. . . lucky!) Chase gets to work so early he isn’t even human. As I set there today I kind of laughed at how God works through his Spirit to make such a crazy group like us work so well together. It is like we are all speaking different languages but still understand each other at the same time! Ha! I love rainy days, especially when you get to sit around with friends and have great conversation. (I am lucky enough to get to call these business meetings) It actually was. Team Believe met at my casa this morning to discuss normal business. I am so pumped about next year’s theme and how it is starting to play out. We are in the process of asking some of the best jr high minds in the country to write some lesson plans to precede and proceed the believe event. While Believe has always been a single event it has a larger presence in some ministries because students look forward to it. This year we want the feeling to be, “Spend a quarter with Believe”. The event will be in the middle of 12 lesson plans designed to set your students up with the perfect curriculum pre and post the event. I really think this is only going to make the time spent at the event that much more impact full. This is going to be a sweet addition to the ministry of Believe weekends.

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