Draft day! If I have said it once I have said it at least once before to Scotty or something, “Mike Shanahan makes his money right now.” I have been a firm believer that he works the draft and the acquisition of the right players like nobody else in the business. Today doubt has entered my soul. Jake Plummer led the Broncos to the AFC championship. We could have won that game. Why do we need a quarterback? I am not saying that I had a better pick; but I really anticipated a next level player in the tight end or wide receiver position. I don’t know what to think about this. It has been raining here for 3 days and when I get back from Washington the grass is going to be so high I won’t be able to mow it. Tonight is movie night at our house. Jen and I are going to make popcorn and the whole family will pile on the couch for some Disney movie. I am packing. I leave tomorrow night from Tulsa, OK. Monday morning I am going to tour the Washington Mall and Smithsonian before heading over to the Bulger center. (picture below) The trustees are coming in town on Thursday for the 1st of 2 major meetings we do a year with them. For three years now I have been trying to attend the National Day of Prayer meeting on Capital Hill. I had an opportunity on Thursday; but I am going to fly back for the trustee meetings. All week long the guys in the office have been reminding me of a video I showed last fall. (Keep in mind that the fall for Believe last 2005 was quite difficult with Katrina and gas prices etc . . . / our numbers were really bad. Fortunately we have had such an awesome spring that nobody remembers the fall . . ok, a few people still do, anyway) I had been encouraging Jon in a few areas of offering value and doing work without thought of enumeration. Jon really got in the spirit. The believe team has always wanted to do things to show the trustees in cool ways what they don’t get to see just by sitting in the large boardroom. Jon thought it would be appropriate to make a video while we were in Dallas with students saying, “thank you ciy board of directors”. Jon finished the video and told me the basic premise. I showed the video and then did my spiel. A roasting is pretty much what I got from all the directors in the conference wing. They have been giving me junk about that video since December. It has once again started up in full force. I was blind to the way in which it seemed Believe was begging for mercy. The truth has been told. I am still glad I won’t be in the office Monday – Wednesday to hear the load of sarcasm waiting on me. At CIY, you know you are loved when people feel free to openly ridicule. It is our common love language. You should worry when no buddy makes fun of you. That is a good rule in general for life. I should know, I have been made fun of a lot.

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