Estes Park is an amazing place. I had a personal worship experience yesterday that was cool. Allen, Steve and myself got suited up with bike gear from the ranch we are staying at this week and headed out for a ride. I did not anticipate the day that was ahead of me when I opted for the cool bike with the hard seat. To my best estimate it was somewhere around 10 miles. When we finally got off the dirt roads and hit the pavement we were moving rather fast. Because I actually weigh the most I pushed to the front and had the snow capped mountains in front of me. It is cool to me the Jon wants to bring back “For you are good to me” as a song this summer. That was a song that had significance in my faith walk during high school. It came back to me today as I flew down the mountain. It was hard to sing and not catch to much cold mountain air in the mouth. This is my third year at this event and I can say that as a group this year has been the most intimate in our sharing times. I am really looking forward to our guest speaker tomorrow as we talk about the the Gospel in a jh context. Full report in the morning!

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