Happy mothers day. I have some moms to thank. First I need to thank my tireless wife who is driving home from Tulsa today with our three boys alone. I am sure she is tired and the boys are out like a light. I have always believed in the “mom check” rule. I implemented this rule myself during my 7 year siege (or courting/ call it what you want) of Jen. Every young man should know about the Mom check. The mom check came back to my mind the other night at about 10:00pm. Jen was hurrying around the house packing up a storm. I thought I heard a ban saw at one point. 11:00 pm rolled around and one time when she ran by me I actually think I felt sweat fly off of her and hit me as I sat at the computer. Jen stopped for a moment and just looked at me and we both laughed because she knew what I was thinking! Psycho! Ha! She works so hard it is true. She knows I was thinking that she reminded me of Karen. You see, not only is my wife wonderful but she is cut from the same fabric as her wonderful mother. That, boys is the mom check. Think what you want, but we are all growing more and more like our parents every day. It is inevitable . . . and funny. Fortunately for me I was aware of the Mom check rule and chose wisely. My wife and my mother-in-law are both incredible ladies.
When I think of my mom the word “strong” always comes to mind. Of course love and tenderness and years of nurturing are all there; but it is based off of her strength. I think one of the hardest days of my life will be to see my mother weak and needing help. Her vibrant, youthful look is all I have known of her my entire life. I love you mom, happy mother’s day. Another mother in my life that I must thank on such a day as this is Jama. Jama took me in as her son when her and dad were dating and we have a very special shared connection: we worry about dad. Thank you for everything Jama and I pray you have a very special mother’s day too.
I the quote because it makes me think of Hillary Clinton (although she doesn’t have even close to first claim on it), it does however, take a village. When I look back over the years to the people who have nurtured and cared for me besides my mothers I am humbled by how much God has loved me through the hands of mothers in my life. I think of Grandma Brewer and Joyce Nelson and Dianna Hadley and Darin Bennet and Linda Crews and Jan Thompson. Shout out to the mamma’s yo! I love you. And Jen, thanks for being the best mom in the world to us 4 boys. I don’t know how you do it.

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