As I walked out of the office the other day I was reminded of the tribe I’m apart of. Somebody said the word baby for some reason. I said, nobody puts baby in the corner. If you grew up in the 80’s at all you should instantly know what I am talking about. French doesn’t count because he doesn’t remember things like that. He blocks them out like the Chiefs win loss record every year. Somehow he just forgets. I then noticed that the rest of our AA and PA staff didn’t know what I was talking about either. Finally, Jennett bailed me out. Jennett is our new graphics and web rock star. (You will notice her work very soon) On a side note, for someone as artistically refined as she is I must say I am disappointed in her opinion of Taylor Hicks. I am a Taylor fan . . . Jennett is not. This has put a small wedge in our working relationship.
And now for today’s announcement: It is finished. I have said for a very long time that the hardest part about leading worship at summer conference is set building. Sets were due on May 1st. Jon and I finally met today and knocked it out. (I’ll post it to my worship leader’s group so you guys can see it/ for worship leader’s only) There are many folks that would say I was wrong about set lists being the “hardest part of leading worship at SC”. They are wrong. To complete a week you need a perfect balance. 30 songs is just about right. We have some returning favorites for this summer and some surprises like last summer. It took us about 3.5 hours solid to get it done. I feel good about it. Everyday has an extra fun element. When I get back from Colorado this next week FR practice week will start. This summer will be a huge challenge not having Martin for our first two weeks. Our songs take a period to “settle” they always change a little bit as we gel into them. Martin will be in Colorado with Nate Karnes. It is a great opportunity for him to produce a band himself. I’m excited to see how it works out. The fam and I head down to Tulsa in the morning so tonight is a chill night. Walk, Walmart, Shakes (best ice cream in the 4 states) and a little History channel.

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