Some of you have been asking about the two books I referenced in my “word from” this week. Both are “must” reads for YM’s who want to do intentional jr high ministry. If you have not yet checked them out . . . get checking!
Hurt - http://product.half.ebay.com/Hurt_W0QQtgZinfoQQprZ30536950
Soul Searching - http://product.half.ebay.com/Soul-Searching_W0QQprZ30968772QQtgZinfo

Last night I sat down to enjoy Lost. Jen set our DVR to record a few minutes ahead of time and after so we didn’t miss anything. I was not aware that Alias was still on TV. I gave you the reasons I had to stop watching 24. My reasons for not watching Alias are much harsher. As I turned the DVR on I just happened to catch the last few moments of Alias. I actually saw Jennifer Garner’s character shoot her imposter self . . . This form of drama worked great in Scooby Doo but I have personally outgrown it. Anyway, I had a great b-day today. We had some killer meetings at the office about a “top secret” initiative. It is going to be cool. I can’t talk about it right now though. I heard from a slew of people today: Mommy with Grant and Emma; Garry; Aunt Lisa; Mark Moore; Andy Bales (I love it when the kids grow up, move away and still call); Daren Streblow; Caleb from the ville; Mr. Compassion himself Nate, dissy dunk (David Duncan’s new nick name); The Dr. Zus; Stephanie Newman, my wonderful father in law – Terry Crist . . . I know I am forgetting somebody . . .
We also had a party at French’s and some buds from the office came by. Of coarse Jon and Sara know me well and hooked me up with Hobby Lobby gift certificates and Suzannes. Patrick and Sam got me an IOU Killer Bunny Pink expansion deck. It was a great day. Jen and I ended the day with the season’s final episode of “The Office” . . . which I don’t officially endorse. It was a good day. I love my family. I am blessed.

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