So today was what we call walk through a week of summer conference. This is where we lock ourselves in the large conference room for the last time as a group. Tomorrow we will go bowling as a team. We are big on team building. MD holds the current bragging record. Me . . . not so much. It is a scary thing to realize that the catalyst for ministry to 20000 students starts with the handful of people I met with today. We all went around the room and gave updates on our respective areas of responsibility. I sat by Robin who was extra ADDHDDHDDDH today. Some of the new people are just now starting to get how crazy this is going to be. Some of us that have seen this process a few times are faking it. Ha! Now I am reassured by the partnerships we have in Bible Colleges, speakers, bands, volunteers and let’s not forget the work of the HOLY SPIRIT. All of this is comforting; but it is surely go time at CIY. The garage is busy with saw dust as Matt gets sets ready for our 4 trucking systems. Kevin sent out the annual Memorial Day picnic email. This event will be the interns first opportunity to see just how ridiculously competitive our staff really is. We will have “toss the turd”; volleyball and Killer Bunnies for sure. The summers are quite weird because while we work together all year long we are about to split up and only communicate by cell phone for the two months of summer events. Then we will finally meet up at the end of the summer lake party. By this time these interns we don’t even know right now will be integrally intertwined in our summer system. These people that I passionately argue, serve beside and laugh really hard with are my band of brothers. I don’t want to let to many secrets out of the bag; but this is going to be the best summer yet. I shouldn’t be surprised by some of the incredible things that god gave us to communicate this summer. Whenever you look at the word of God it never returns void. Md has some of the best video work I have seen from him yet, Nate is brilliant in riding point on programming, Robin has the best line up of speakers we have ever had, Kevin will be doing a special session on discipleship and Patrick has added so much to the team. For real, it’s going to be awesome.
See you out there

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