Our normal routine on Sunday mornings is to drop all three boys off in their classes and then Jen I would proceed to worship. We sit on the North side. The way church is set up in a horizontal theater design you could attend CCO for a decade and never see the people in the same service as you on the south side. Today was abnormal because Aiden was with us in the service. This was the case today only because last night Aiden had a temperature. I saw our service today completely through the eyes of my two year old son. Under normal conditions Aiden would have made a twisted metal sculpture out of the chairs in front of us; but today he was subdued. No we did not drug him, not that we are saying we’re above doing that! Ha! He was clearly not feeling to well so he sat calmly on my lap or stood in front of me during the fast songs (everybody knows you are supposed to stand up on the fast songs right?) Now that the official readership of this blog is up to 4 people, my mom, my wife, me when I log back in and laugh at myself and Nathan Shaver (golf buddy and book club comrade) I feel it is appropriate to acknowledge the white elephant in the middle of the room. My mother is a beautiful woman if I don’t say so myself. She has always been a strong, healthy, vibrant person. Us kids in a way have always been amazed at her in that way. As mom would say to me though, one thing I got from her side of the family was big bones. That is her discrete way of saying I have a natural propensity to weight gain. This I know. My mother has always been a strongly disciplined person when it comes to exercise and eating habits. My wife resembles my mother in many ways. Jen is also a strong, vibrant, beautiful woman. Jen exercises 5 days a week and is naturally tall and lean. Eating healthy is important to Jen and she cooks balanced meals. As the summer approaches I keep looking at a stack of shirts I should be able to wear without scaring students. Jen told me on the phone last week that she had an encounter with Riley. We have a custom in our house of giving the boys a bed time snack. Jen has always done this during our night time rituals and in the process our boys have come to view this time as sacramental. The other night Jen decided to pass on snack time and send Riley directly to bed. This devastating blow was more than Riley could emotionally handle. Jen proceeded to inform Riley that bed time snacks were not exactly written into the Bill of Rights and overall some of them might not be to healthy either. Riley is quite the character and his little mind gears never stop tabulating bits of information. As skinny as a string bean Riley perked up to mom and asked if he was in danger of getting fat because of bed time snacks. Jen assured him that it’s apparent he has her genes when it comes to metabolism. Then Riley felt it appropriate to comment to Jen that he had noticed I was getting “big”. Ouch, from the mouth of my own babe. So, it’s the season for summer cleansing. I do love summer. Last night Jen and I played scrabble for the first time since we got killer bunnies. I don’t want to divulge family secrets on my national blog platform here . . . but let’s just say that daddy still has it! Jen doesn’t have small group tonight so we are going to rent a movie and enjoy one of our last Sundays at home before the summer begins. Can you hear it coming? Patrick gets back from vacation tomorrow, jon and sara on Tuesday. I think I should have about 20 new songs done for summer by now . . . man, I gotta go . . . Hansen let’s golf.

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