It has been a landmark week for Jen and I as parents. We have moved out of the pumpkin seat era of life. It is a big deal. Both Finnley and Aiden moved up in car seats last night. Number two on the landmark list is a purchase we made for Riley. We bought a gaming system for my eldest son on Ebay last night as well. I don’t think I personally played a video game after my 7th grade summer. It just was not my thing as a kid. I worked with dad on the job site, at farms all summer long and prepared for football season. Video games were not attractive to me. I am sure I could have had a blast playing them. I simply never did. It was with a bit of hesitation that I made this purchase. I don’t like the idea of losing my son’s attention for the next 10 years to a video game. I understand that ultimately Jen and I set boundaries and even tend to go overboard on this . . . well not as overboard as some people. When I was a minister in Danville, IN there was a family that limited their boys to 30 minutes of internet a day. I am almost wondering if that will hurt their abilities to function in a flat world. These are little milestones; but sometimes they are more telling that the big ones like graduation or your kid leaving for college. It is in the little things along the way that they leave your house. That is it. I am putting Riley back in the pumpkin seat. If he wants an play station he can play it sitting in that!
This cleanse is making me cold. I am walking around the office with a jacket on in June! FR practice week #2 at Memorial hall has been great. It is cool to see the new violin player working out just great. You never really know how another player is going to change the feel of a band (I am talking relationally not sound). One person can completely alter how people feel and interact when you are talking group dynamics. Jess (http://electric-violins-rule.blogspot.com/ ) is doing just great and it should be a sweet fit this summer.

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Epp said...

first video game system... that is a rite of passage! what did you get him? regular nintendo? with such classics as duck hunt and double dragon? sweet!