Kenny is back!

Today is the shooting of the Believe Leader Meeting Video. I had this idea of a cheesy Brady Bunch meets the New Main street singers feel for the video. Sometimes you just don’t know how it will really turn when post edit is done. It looks like a vast improvement from last year’s video. I got ripped from you person about how unprofessional it was last year. I was actually shooting for informal. Semantics. This year we are going for quaintly informative. I personally enjoyed the jingle ending. Look for it on the www.jrhighbelieve.com website. The new web launch will be in early July for the “Jesus” Believe tour. Today is the last day of the official cleanse. I’ve lost 12 lbs in 9 days; but much more importantly I now fit (without being offensive) into my Kenny Rodgers T-shirt. I can also smell food up to a mile away . . . . and I’ve acquired a snobbish taste for bottled water. I used to roll my eyes at people who would have certain brand preferences in bottled water. I remember thinking, “It’s water, it’s tasteless!”. Now I know that Fiji is the best bottled water. Know it! I leave for Savannah GA in 7 days now exactly. I need to start packing my kids stuff tonight to be done in time. If I only sleep 3 hours a night I may finish on time.

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