Search Institute's 40 developmental building blocks link and some rambling from me:)

A ministry friend of mine told me about this document and I thought it could be useful in our continued discussions in the jr high ministry arena. Click on the link below to get to my Esnips account where you can download a copy. Clearly the objective is to have as many of these building blocks in a student’s life. If you already have seen this than don’t leave me a comment like you are George Barna himself ok. I thought it was really worth my time to evaluate the ministry I want to model and promote!

I can’t help but think about my three boys as I read down this list. Of course you can imagine the jokes as I think about my own kids and read down this list with the morons I work with! Ha! If you don’t like where you work . . . I really don’t have a punch line for the end of this. Fortunately I do like where I can work . . . as long as I can leave to do Believes 3 times a month and get to be gone for 54 days straight in the summer. That really helps me love all these people much deeper the rest of the year. Ha! It is funny when you do what I do for a living because all of your normal civilian friends want to have a “last” whatever. It may be a dinner or something. These people act like we are going away to college. Hey folks, it’s 2006. We have email. Perhaps now we can even have a more meaningful conversation through email. We can leave all the normal meaningless banter were forced to partake in. You know the office chit chat that deserves to be stitched on pillows in Branson by sweet little old ladies . . . yeah, that is right were it should be. Unless of coarse you are my step mom who only sends me emails in the form of “Forwards”. I hate that. They are always the kind that you have to click through so many stinking previous forwards that by the time you get to the forward that was popular in 1999 (when you first saw it) you are just angry. MOM, just write a note to say hi! This is also an acceptable use of email! I really didn’t plan on going there today; but hey, you didn’t pay for this anyway.  http://www.ciy.com/podcasts/summerconference/podcast.html

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