Savannah GA

Families that pray together stick together . . . yes, I can say that is true. By the same token families that travel 1000 miles together in two days could end up killing each other! Ha! I do know that the Lord made kids cute for this very purpose. Just when you think you might snap and leave them at a rest stop they smile. I love my boys. They are growing up so fast right before my eyes and I can’t figure out how to make time stand still . . . that is because I am still carrying in stuff out of the van. The scary thing is that after unloading the van Jen said, “Hey I need to go to Walmart.” I am 30 years old and now have a heart condition. Isn’t that to young. Savannah is one of those lost corners in America where things are just as you imagined they were. We have all read the John Grisham novel set in a southern restaurant with willow trees dripping Spanish moss. That is where we are staying this week.

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