We are having a great week in GA at CIY summer conf. I have an awesome group of interns as you can see up above. I didn't get pics of everyone yet but we will have more to come as the week goes on. Tonight is our Unity nights so I am expecting great things. Danny Shafner spoke last night and did a great job as always. We have Danny Curry coming in later this week. It is good to be at conference seeing many solid youth ministers doing minstry with thier students.it is spiritually refreshing to see the same people year after year dedicated and faithful to the call of ministry on thier lives.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Johnny,
I attended the C.I.Y. this year for my first time and your band made a deep impact on me. And, although you probably can't recall, I did actually meet you.
Anyway, I had been struggling all week with focusing on God because of internal struggles and such with fellow youth. But the words heard on the songs sung allowed me to concentrate on what was really important.
Your band was absolutely amazing and inspiring because I also play in a youth praise band on saxophone, violin, and sometimes piano. It was so awesome to see them really groovin' for the Lord.
Anyhow, I'm so glad to have experienced God with you.
Thanks Johnny
Thanks Foundation Red.

God Bless,

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