Roan Mountain!

Happy Birthday Mom! I love you and can’t wait to see you in a week! Today is my family’s last day at conference with me for the summer. We took a hike on Roan Mountain (it lies on the borders of far eastern Tennessee and North Carolina. This is the largest gathering of Rhododendron plants in the world. They bloom about two weeks out of the ear and we are only a week or so early. Great hike with the boys. Here are some pictures. Conference last night was awesome. I am looking forward to a great closing night. I will be in Grand Rapids MI this weekend and back on Milligan campus late Sunday night for TN 4! Woohoo!

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Jason Raitz said...

Only 2.5 hours away from the D...and what's in the D? Jason Raitz, your long lost best buddy and bunk bed buddy. Just a thought...wink!