Grand Rapids MI

I flew to Grand Rapids Michigan for this weekend. I am here to meet with a young man named Robert Pierre about joining our team next year at Believe. He is 13 years old and has a great voice. I had no idea what to expect for the weekend so I was pleased to spend most of the morning hanging out with my buddy Allen and a hero of mine, Al Denson, on wave runners. Al Denson is a piano player song writer I’ve listened to since I can remember. I feel bad I’m having so much fun so I am going to have to play the weekend away down to the staff back at Milligan when I get back. I guess this can be a test to see if anyone on staff actually reads my blog anyway. It also just so happened that Robert lives on one of the top 4 public golf courses in Michigan so we spent some time this evening hanging out in some sweet golf carts.

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Gman said...

Looking forward to Atlanta. Sorry to hear there isn't any Richmond or Pittsburgh Believe but understand it. Believe is Valuable.