Home from Grand Rapids

I just got back from Grand Rapids meeting with a cool 13 year old boy named Robert. Robert has a gift from God in singing and we talked about him joining the Believe tour this year to help with worship and also partner as a special featured solo artist. We have never had the opportunity to have a jr high student actually join the tour. Because of a unique family situation Mom and Dad would be able to join us as well. What do you all think! Wouldn’t it actually be cool to have a jr high student actively involved from stage in ministry to jr high students. I am feeling guilty right now because Robert’s dad, Scott, got hurt in a friendly game of basketball and was laid up all weekend. I know you are all thinking that I am a big bruiser . . . not this time, I was at the top of the key when it happened. I am looking forward to a great week at CIY summer Conf! My home church Mnt. Gilead is here this week and that is always special! Here are some pictures of the wonderful family I met this weekend and Mr. Robert! Check out me and Al Denson! The other pic is of me and Robert on 4 wheelers/ much fun/ (Hey Scott- we went muddin’) and one pic is of Mom, Dad and proud Grandmother!



Jason Raitz said...

I don't think it will work. I mean, really, a jr. higher. You can try, but who knows. Ha, I am so funny.

You big bruiser. I love ya

Judy Gregory said...

You got my vote! I love junior highers. You're amazing! Sounds like your summer has been an amazing adventure. I'm off to week #2 of junior high camp. I thought of you this week when you said something about going back to a smaller venue at the summit (I think it was you). We did two smaller camps this year, rather than one ginormous one. While I kind of dig the energy and hype that comes from more people, the overwhelming response from the kids was that they liked the smaller camp better. Hmmmm.