5 Points on Building Set Lists

This time of year I get lots of emails from worship leaders as we all prepare programming for summer conferences and camps. Over the next few weeks I would like to post some articles and conversations about set building, leadership in the corporate worship experience and a whole new link for Vocalists. For the past 10 years I have worked with artists and good ol camp deans that just love students. There is such a fine line to walk in our area of giftedness. We are made in the image of a creative God, therefore we are creative. It is appropriate for us to use this gift as we program services yet sometimes our perspective can get out of whack. My prayer is that you are in a place in your ministry where those around you celebrate your artistic expression as an acceptable form of worship. I have seen these people boxed up or always put in a place of containment. When we use our gifts in a way that serves the Church the Church is blessed. I say all of this as an encouragement for those who have been made to feel that their gift is a hobby that is allowed in church at specific times. I do not believe that is God’s intention for artistry in His body. Artistry is a form of worship. It should be practiced, mastered, taught and valued.
There is also a time for an artist to grow in their gift. An artists gift should be practiced, mastered, taught and valued. I pray that the links on this blog and the information I post here will serve as a safe place to foster growth in your gift. If you are a worship leader, a singer, a programmer for jr high weekly meetings at your church please add your comments so the rest of us can wrestle with these issues beside you.

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