Leaving Milligan

I am finishing up our last week in Milligan. We have had an awesome time here. The other directors have been making fun of my Tea Stations so I put of picture below of the my magic stash that stills has my voice kicking on week #3! Austin, the FR intern is doing a great job. CIY interns Tony, and Ryan have me laughing so hard that my stomach hurts. Tony has an awesome impersonation of Jayson French I will have to post this week. Stay tuned for that it is priceless if you know my good friend Jayson French. The hiking in this area of the country is just great. I am Colorado Bound in two days and can’t wait to see my boys. This week of conference has been awesome. Below are some pictures of me and some youth minister buddies that some of you might know.


austin said...

great fun, all of it. (check out thisthename.blogspot.com)

Jani said...

can't wait for the impersonation!!!

i'm bummed that we did not go to the gliding rock... we missed out!

austin said...

what is this "gliding rock" you speak of?

kayla ray :] said...

johnny i want to thank you for CIY. it changed my life so much. im looking into rededicating my life and i wouldnt be here with out you and your band :] i love the picture we got with you and i cant wait till next year :]

i dont know if you remember but you were riding your bike and my youth group almost backed into you with our van :[ ha sorry about that one :]
have a great week :]
lots of love.

Carissa said...

I was at CIY at Milligan 2 weeks ago.
You guys rocked.
Thanks for the fun time!