tough homecoming!

So I came home from Thanksgiving at Mom’s house to a mess. As I walked into our southwest Missouri abode with Aiden asleep in my arms I realized our house had been vandalized. Our beds were peed on. Our unmentionables (doesn’t that sound like what the grandma on the Beverly Hillbillies would call underwear?) were “messed with”. The pictures throughout our house were all marked on. Our bedding was all marked on with sharpie markers. It was not a good homecoming. My oldest son Riley was rather upset. It was just all stupid vandalism.

What stinks even more is that I had to leave right away for our CIY Leadership Retreat. The retreat is the stinky part it is that I had to leave so quickly after the break in. I was going to stay home until we pretty much thought we figured out who did it. (we think it was a kid downt the street) The retreat has been awesome and I am looking forward to blogging about some of the great stuff we got to wrestle with on the trip. I do also have some sweet pictures of our skeet shooting expedition.



J Raitz said...

Man, I am so sorry. Praying for you guys.

marko said...

oh man, i'm so sorry, johnny. i know how violating that feels. ick. i'll be praying for your wife and kids to feel safe in your home.