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For those of you who were with us on the Fuel tour you will remember Daren Streblow. Daren is a comedian we know and love at Believe. He did a great job for us with jr high students. This is also the same theme we used Moped Girl. Moped Girl was an awesome element of programing we stumbled upon. I had no idea that students would grap onto the character so much. It was also a nice break from the norm in programing.

Every since then we have wanted to do some sort of computer animated cartoon that had several segments we would show throughout the weekend. Well, if you know Daren then you will enjoy his first attempt at a cartoon staring himself and Merv Smiley. I like the idea of implementing a series of shorts, one for every session, during the weekend. It could be very engaging. What happened with Moped Girl was every time we went to that element it picked up steam. When she finally came out on stage at the end of her story the students were completely in the moment. It would be great to capture that kind of momentum again.

Anyway, check out Daren's toon at: http://www.rivaltoon.com/

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