Stuck in Denver . . .

I am not exactly a 'jet set' kind of guy. I was recently with a speaker buddy of mine who laughed when he saw my miles. I won't get upgraded to first class for some time folks! There is this total misconception about all of us CIY workers. Youth workers will say to me, "well you must get so sick of traveling . . .". The truth of the matter is that I most likely travel about as much as most local ministers I know. I will only be out 4 weeks this summer and that will be my lightest summer in 10 years of ministry. There are 11 Believe events over the school year. It isn't that much actually.

I just came off of a mini Holiday sabatical. I got really used to spending time at home with my boys. It was hard to wake up at 3:30 in the morning last Friday for my flight to California. I did not think that this weekend would be the first snowfall in 18 years for Southern California. I also didn't plan on getting stuck for 3 days in Denver trying to get back to my truck at the Fayettville Arkansaw regional airport. Stuck is not the right word. Mom and Dad drove down from Fort Collins to pick me up for a few days. It's been fun; but I really miss my wife, my boys, my small group, my church, and the folks at the home office.

California Believe was the best one yet in terms of me actually getting to sit back and start to enjoy the weekend. I am looking foward to Tulsa in two weeks . . . I can walk home from there . . . well not really, snowmobile perhaps . . . I would have to stop every hour for hot chocholate

I fly back into Walmart . . . I mean northwest Arkansaw tomorow.
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Sean said...

Just wanted to let you know that you owe me $1.00 for using the word Stuck. =)

Glad to hear that Cali went awesome.