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I didn’t plan on writing a 3 page essay on leading worship and set list philosophy when I sat down this morning. It is to much for one post so visit the “FR’s CIY Summer 07 Tour” link to check it out.

I came to work at CIY and direct the jr high Believe tour through my involvement in the worship Band Foundation Red. FR has been leading worship at youth conferences for 10 years now. The first large conference we ever led at was the Kentucky Jr High Christian Conference in 1996. Last year FR was privileged to participate in worship with over 22,000 students from every corner of our country. It was simply amazing. As players come and go from this worship band we have molded from theme to theme. As a Band, we are on the cusp of that again. We are bringing on two new players, a guitar player from Quincy, IL named Tyler Yates and a bass player yet to be named. Before practices for the summer tour starts we will interview perhaps two other new positions to FR, a singer and a specialty player.

CIY recently sent our it’s publicity for the 22 summer conferences to happen summer 07. FR will be one of the bands contributing to these awesome 1 week conferences. As stated on the publicity FR always welcomes students and youth leaders to be part of our journey as we prepare for the summer. Follow the new link “FR’s CIY Summer 07 Tour” to see: the set list come together, videos of practice weeks, behind the scenes of summer conference 07.

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J Raitz said...

I know a great bass player if auditions are still open, just a thought.