Santa vs Jesus

I have a good buddy that used to bring students to CIY events. Recently he traveled with the improv comedy group, 321 Comedy. JJ is a student in LA working on a grad degree and has a great blog called www.dontsqueezethejj.com.

Anyway, JJ and another guy named Chris just finished a spoof on the Mac vs PC comercials. This is with Santa and Jesus. You gotta check these out. You can tell that the they are for sale to churches so they didn't get to have as much fun with them as possible; but they are worth watching for sure!


Day 19 with no shaving of the narly man beard is going well . . . moderate itching. The goal is to look like a mountain man and shave on December 28th ready (in a new awakening kind of way) for the new year!


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austin said...

no beard for the wedding, that sucks