FR Podcast and deep thoughts on Church signs

I drive past a church everyday on the way to the office. They have a sign and frequently change it's message. If I EVER see the person who's job description this falls under I will have to pull over and talk with them. They are terrible. I usually arrive to the office in a grumpy mood because of the asinine things I see posted there weekly!

I have been meaning to post a creed for my blog. A brief statement to my readers, (Grandma, and my church small group:), promising no trite Christianese crap that so many bloggers are guilty of. I have not done that yet. It is coming.

I must say that in advance so I don't upset all the home school (I was homeschooled so I can fly that joke!) moms wearing denim jumpers with Noah's ark animals needle stitched on . . . wow, I don't know where that came from . . . oh, yes I do!!! It came from the ladies who looked like that and told me that you couldn't run in church when I was a kid! That is a DUMB rule!

Anyway, I have an idea for all the churches out there who have plagued people driving by their houses of worship with STUPID quips. This just came to me. I am asking all of you to be real! Be funny, be inteligent, be compelling, say something worth reading! If you can't think of anything how about just, "JESUS LOVES YOU". I came up with one that felt real to me last night. Somebody put this on thier church and send me a picture of it please!

Here it is:
"Start attending church now. You'll get enough reps in by Easter we won't be able to guilt you."

Oh, and by the way: This post is to announce the new Foundation Red Podcast! Subscribe for more tangent like rantings such as the one above :)
(if you taught me in Sunday School, and you feel like I was describing you I just want to say . . . Thank you for giving to the Lord . . . for I am a life, that was chan ay ya anged . . . )

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    Ryan Claborn said...

    Classic! Though I don't think you drive by my church our sign has been offensively bad at times. I have been promised by the senior minister candidate they're considering that this won't continue.

    Amy said...

    Johnny, you should check out my comments on my page. My friend Drea and I were having a converstation about church signs with Monte and she came across this one. It's the first of its kind.

    Amanda C. said...

    That is so intresting. I am going to get off topic here.I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!You did such aan amazing job in St.louis.you did such an amazing job.You singing and then speaking a message after the mat seen was so cool!When you started talking about not spreading the word or doing any thing for christ it realy made me think.I need to talk to one of my leaders about this.So I haven't got the courage to do this yet but i shared this with a friends mom and she has went on the trip to she was like if you are not makeing the desion to talk about your life with Jesuse Christ you are not goiveing up you stool to jesuse I was like WOW!thank y ou jhonny.But I need to ge t so me courage to talk to someone.THANK YOU!You are so Amazing.This is probably really confuseing to you but I'm sorry I think you get the point!Thanks for signing my bag by the way and t hey pic.A memory for ever and ever!
    Amanda :)

    Anonymous said...

    Can I get some extra sass with that captain sassy-pants?! Love ya man!

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Johnny, I was at the Cinncinnati Believe and I was wondering if you could post the list of songs that we sang. I have Foreverandever, Shout Unto God, Friend of God, No One Like You, and Robert's songs, but what are the names of some of the other songs?? The Foundation Red podcast is awesome!! Guess what? Four weeks from when the podcast was posted is this Thursday!! Have you gotten the songs ready? I'm waiting to put them on my iPod...

    P.S. Where did you get your "WE ALL HAVE AIDS" t-shirt??? I love it!!

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Johnny, Could you possibly put the songs that we sang at the Cinncinnati Believe on this website?? I know Look what you've done, Friend of God, No One Like You, Shout Unto God, and ForeverandEver are some of the songs....

    Ancarrow...the blog said...

    Some of my favorite church signs (favorite as in nausea inspiring)

    God answers knee-mail.

    Tithe if you love Jesus. Anyone can honk.

    Upset Satan on Super - Bowl Sunday Worship - 6:30 p.m.

    Islam - America's #1 enemy (that one made the IndyStar - andthat church is proud)

    Ancarrow. out.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Johnny. I wanted to use your chord charts for Jesus Paid it All with the cool ending you guys added. Do I need a copywright since it has that different ending? If so, can you tell me where to get it?

    Anonymous said...

    Hey Johnny--I just left an anonymous message about the Jesus Paid It All song with no place for you to respond. I apologize if this isn't the way to approach this question--couldn't figure out anyplace else to contact you without myspace. My email is amanda-bazil@hotmail.com if you're able to respond. Thanks much!