Cincinnati Believe was awesome

We had a great weekend at Cincinnati Believe. It has been fun hanging with Robert Pierre on the tour. In our leader's meeting I say that I am used to telling people back stage to stop wrestling. Even though Believe is a Jr high intentional event we don't have students travel with us. It has been quite funny at times.

This last weekend was a first for me though. I have never received a "wet willy" backstage at Believe. Thanks Robert! The pictures below show some of the fun we had. One of Robert's main concerns during a weekend is weather or not I will remember the jump on 'Dancing Generation'. It is not uncomon for Robert to remind me while on stage about this crucial component of the weekend. You can see our mad skills below.

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Anonymous said...

Johnny, I LOVE YOU!!! I saw you at the Cinncinnati Believe and I got a picture with you!!!! You're an awesome singer! say hi to the rest of the gang for me!!

Amanda said...

St.louis was so Amazing!
You did such an amzing job along with everyone else.YOU really tuched me.That night saturday i talked with one of my leaders.
Thank you!